MotionSet version 1.4.0 available

MotionSet version 1.4.0 available

MotionSet v1.4.0 is released. MotionSet is the commissioning software for ORMEC XD Indexer Servo Drives and R-Series Servo Drives.
This version includes:
  • Tension mode. When the drive is in tension mode the actual tension is displayed on the monitor screen in place of actual position. The drive exerciser still displays actual position.
  • Generator mode.
  • Tachometer scaling on DC motors. Includes new gain KVT to scale tach gain in distributed feedback applications.
  • Support for resolver option on XD drives.
  • SAC-XD435 and SAC-XD450 support.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Defects addressed:

  • d-2971 Corrected pinout of Ain+/- on the I/O connector overview screen. Corrected help file as well.
  • d-2970 Monitor and the large exerciser now display the motion name instead of the motion number (if present).
  • d-2966 Drive input voltage is editable.
  • d-2964 You can now blend a motion to itself, requires drive firmware v2.1 or later.
  • d-2961 Corrected the peak current setting for SAC-XD410.
  • d-2955 Hard stop current limit is now enabled even if accurate home not selected.
  • d-2945 The direction invert buttons are no longer disabled if you go offline while the drive is enabled.
  • d-2937 Default software travel limits are now 0.
  • d-2930 Restore defaults now works correctly on the Advanced Tuning page.
  • d-2920 Motion graphs display the wrong number of repeated motions.

To update existing software, use the 'Check for Updates' feature in the help menu. The software is available for download from the Support Library.

Important note: DSP firmware version 2.1.0 Build 198 or later is also required.


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