Motor Integration Wizard added to ServoWire Pro for SMLC

Motor Integration Wizard added to ServoWire Pro for SMLC

A Motor Integration Wizard for easy integration and auto commissioning of third party motors is released with Version 4.0 of ServoWirePro.
Features include:
  • On-line empirical measurements to determine motor specifications: pole count, motor inertia, resistance, inductance, torque constant, feedback resolution & offset
  • Drive/Motor cabling verification and diagnostic troubleshooting of: motor winding interface wiring, hall sensor interface wiring & feedback device interface wiring
  • Current Loop tuning support
  • Torque/Speed performance benchmarks

ORMEC’s Motor Integration Wizard provides effortless integration of third party motors. Attach a motor, press a button, and the wizard will automatically determine the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the motor that are crucial for high-performance motion control. Motor resistance, inductance, pole count, inertia and many other parameters are automatically measured. These values are used to mathematically model the system to derive optimal gains for a critically damped response. This provides the highest possible current loop, velocity loop and position loop bandwidths, while maintaining stability.

The Motor Integration Wizard simplifies the wiring of the motor to the drive. Consider a typical 3-phase motor with incremental encoder feedback. There are 3 motor phases, 2 differential encoder signals and 3 differential hall signals. There are hundreds of permutations of how these signals can be wired to the drive; only one is correct. The wizard will automatically energize these signals and determine if they are wired up correctly. If the motor is wired incorrectly, the wizard will indicate which wires need to be swapped.

ServoWire Pro Motor Integration Wizard


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