Rotary Knife software solution slashes engineering time

Rotary Knife software solution slashes engineering time

ORMEC Rotary knife solutionThis ORMEC system includes Indexer servo drives, pacer encoder, touch screen MMI and complimentary software.
The Rotary Knife, Cut-to-Length, software solution for ORMEC’s XD-Indexer servo drive system is available. The system is comprised of two XD-Indexer servo drives, a pacer encoder and an MMI touch panel. The application includes recipe management functions and an easy-to-use operator interface that supports up to 50 unique recipes.

This preprogrammed solution provides a flexible operating environment along with the ability to incorporate customer specific modifications. Benefits of this implementation include cost savings from reduced engineering time and eliminate the need for a PLC or programmable motion controller. Machine logic and calculations are executed in the operator panel using a built-in BASIC-like language.

In a typical ‘Cut-to-Length’ application, a rotary knife cuts continuously fed material (web,extrusion, wire, etc.) to specified lengths. A series of product recipes are required and are based upon predetermined input variables such as feed length, speed synchronization angle and over-speed coefficient. The feed and knife axes of motion are synchronously controlled. The knife blade tip is precisely controlled and travels at a very specific tangential velocity at the point of contact with the material to be cut.

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