SMLC BOOTPATCH version released

SMLC BOOTPATCH version released

SMLC-BOOTPATCH version addresses an anomaly with Ethernet port EN0 on SMLC-30/80/160 v2.1 hardware that can cause E3 faults on ServoWire drives.

This patch addresses this issue. Once the patch has been applied, Ethernet port EN0 can be either connected or unconnected at any time without affecting the ServoWire drives. The boot patch can be downloaded from the Support Library.

A second anomaly exists in SMLC-30/80/160 hardware v2.1 that is not addressed by this boot patch. If a cable is either inserted or removed from Ethernet port EN1 while a ServoWire drive is online an E3 fault will occur. The fault will not occur is EN1 is either left unconnected or connected all of the time (to Ethernet I/O, HMI, Ethernet switch, etc.). If Ethernet port EN1 is required in your system it is recommended that it only be used for permanent connections, or connected to an Ethernet switch. Plugging and/or unplugging from a switch connected to EN1 will not generate the fault.

Additional information is available here.


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