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XD Series Indexer intregration motion controller and drive View the datasheet for detailed info!



Watch the overview video

Learn about the XD Indexer features and functions.

Watch the overview video

Learn about the XD Indexer features and functions.

Check out our entire collection of Indexer training videos.

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XD Indexer Benefits

High performance, standalone motion control

XD Indexer - Indexing Servo DriveThe XD Series Indexer, a single-axis integrated controller and servo drive, delivers high performance motion control.

Quick Engineering and Commissioning

  • Out of the box and in production with typical set-up time reduced from days to hours or even minutes!
  • Easy-to-use table-based software
  • Predefined application templates ready to ‘load and go’
  • Status LEDs codes for axis info, faults & motion execution
  • Auto configuration of your motors


   • Reduced panel space
   • Drive and controller in one device

 Flexible interfaces

   • Independent I/O configurable for sinking and sourcing
   • Adaptable I/O, 14 inputs & 18 outputs, 1 analog input
   • Optional 2nd analog input and 1 analog output
   • 115, 230 and 460 VAC with 24 Vdc output 
   • 200V and 400V series (14 models)
   • Modbus TCP standard. One other Fieldbus (Ethernet/IP, CANopen, Profibus-DP) may be added.
   • USB and Ethernet connectivity


   • Steel enclosure reduces EMI

 • Safety circuit for implementing  ISO 13849-1

 Selection Guides

Our Motor Selection, HMI SelectionGearbox Selection  and I/O Selection Guides aid you in your equipment choice.


Built-in features for challenging indexing applications

  • Analog input for tension/force control
  • Tachometer feedback for winder and unwinder controls
  • Follower or dual loop feedback
  • Registered feed (linear or rotary)
  • High resolution electronic ratioing

Typical applications

  • Rotary knife
  • Feed to Length
  • Hot Stamp Press
  • Pick and place
  • Tension Control
  • Labeling
  • Reciprocating flying shear
  • Intelligent conveyor control
  • Scanning
  • High speed printing
  • Part storage and retrieval


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