Reciprocating Flying Shear

Reciprocating Flying Shear - ORMEC motion control

Reciprocating Flying Shear - Productivity in Motion

Reciprocating Flying Shears are used to cut, emboss, print or apply other processes to a moving web. ORMEC provides servo drives, controllers and associated software as a solution to meet demanding production environments.

The carriage axis carries the knife or die and accelerates to match the web speed. The knife or die cycles to perform the process while the carriage synchronizes to the web. The carriage then decelerates and reverses, and rapidly moves back to its start position ready for the next cycle.


Benefits of an ORMEC Solution  

  • Fast production change-overs with versatile MMI & online recipe storage
  • Minimal operator intervention required for batch processing
  • Increased throughput with stable and agile servo control


  • Cutoffs for rubber gaskets & rubber tire belting
  • Cutoffs for paper tube and ceramic extrusion
  • Notching support beams
  • Form and Fill packaging
  • Perforating metal
  • Cutting sheet metal


  •  Automotive, Packaging, Paper, Metal, Plastics, Metal forming
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