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Web Tension Control with XD Series Indexer


A global leader in blood testing diagnostics equipment required rolls of medical media to be slit into sections and rewound through a intricate slitter, winding machine, and backing paper process. The process of winding the finished media onto their respective spools requires it to be done under closely monitored tension. To accomplish this tension control, an ORMEC XD-Series Indexer Drive is set to Tension Loop Mode and with an analog signal from a tension transducer, data is sent directly back to the ORMEC Indexer. In Tension Loop Mode, the take up and feed speeds are balanced maintaining tension of the web preventing breakage of the media throughout the process.


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NASA Vehicle Stabilizer Test Fixture (VSTF)

NASA required a way to fully test the Vehicle Stabilizing Mechanism (VSM) as it supports the new Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, the most powerful rocket designed to date, while sitting on the launch pad.  NASA chose ORMEC to provide a turnkey motion control system for the VSTF simulating the motion of the SLS Rocket at various times including; rollout on the crawler transporter; the 1st second of launch and the effects of a various weather conditions prevalent on the Florida coast including hurricane force winds.  The motion generated moves the VSTF against the VSM with up to 180,000 pounds of force induced from 3-different directions in this full-size mock-up. 


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ORMEC Motion Control System Upgrade for Windows Screen Machine

For a New England based windows manufacturer, the key to the manufacturing of window screens was a 20-year old 5-axis Lockformer Screen Express Machine, controlled by an ORION Motion Controller. The manufacturer’s lead automation technician was looking for a cost effective strategy to limit instances of down-time for the next 20-years. An entire system upgrade was cost prohibitive and as discovered, not needed. Support from ORMEC far exceeded industry standards and the final solution, a new ORION with S2D-Series Drives, HMI, updated electrical schematics & application software. Costs were minimized using the original motors and existing electrical panel, with ORMEC Engineers installing and commissioning on site.

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Original Machines: Digitally networked servos drive two new machines

Screen Machine - servo motion control from ORMEC

Digitally networked servos that allow cost-effective, high-speed communications among the electronic components of shop floor machinery are becoming increasingly common. They not only enable the design of more effective equipment, they enable the equipment to link more effectively with overall plant operations. This communications capability is at the heart of two new machines, very different in function, but based on the same standard digital servo technology.

One machine automates the process of making window screens; the other manages the design and production of steel piping systems. Both feature a digital drive system (ServoWire from ORMEC) that replaces the conventional +/- 10-volt analog interface with an all-digital control network. The system eliminates hundreds of interconnections and can be plugged together in minutes using standard cables. It allows programmers full access to drive parameters to ease the development of diagnostic logic and fault codes. The operator interfaces can provide real-time diagnostic data.

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Reprinted from Design News, Motion Control Supplement, April 2001

Precise timing and synchronization drives thermoformer performance

Thermoforming plastic cups servo motion control from ORMEC

Brown Machine used a PC-based motion controller from ORMEC Systems and high-speed PLS outputs on the system's axis modules to increase performance and reliability.

Thermoforming plastic product packaging of plastic cups, lids, foam plates, deli pieces, horticulture components and berry box products used in supermarkets requires highly precise, synchronized motion. With inline, continuous thermoformers performance requirements are even higher and require precise timing and repeatable sub-millisecond level synchronization between multiple axes.

Brown Machine improved the performance of its inline, continuous thermoformers by coordinating motion with a series of high-speed programmable limit switches (PLSs). Motion was coordinated based on the position of the thermoformer’s main drive.

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From Design News magazine, June 7,2004.

Ethernet simplifies monitoring and diagnostics

Internet permits remote access to high-speed press.

Atlas Technology servo drive diagnostics and monitoring from ORMEC

In terms of service headaches, the high-volume contract stamping facility had a conventional problem. A high-speed transfer press that moves sheet-metal parts through six sequential dies under one press ram, that had run reliably for months, suddenly experienced a series of mysterious "faults" that interrupted production. Visual inspection showed no obvious problem, such as an obstruction from stray scrap. What’s more, the programmable, servo-driven transfer system had a proven track record of efficiently handling sheet-metal parts.

What was different was the service call. Personnel at Atlas Technologies, a Fenton, Mich., pressroom automation specialist, diagnosed the problems without leaving the office. Through a modem and an Ethernet hub, controls engineer Scott Clement could explore the operational software and interrogate its logic.

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Reprinted from Machine Design, August 17, 2000.

Collating candy at 3,000/minute

Goetze candy high speed packaging with servo and motor controls from ORMEC

Goetze's Candy Co. triples speeds for packaging its venerable soft caramel cream candies after installing a new servo-driven feeding/collating system with high-speed ORMEC motion controls.

After 20 years of trying, Goetze's Candy Co.'s Caramel Cream packaging line has finally moved into the fast lane. A first-of-its-kind packaging feeding/collating system gathers, collates and positions 10 individual caramel candies onto a paperboard U-board, which in turn is flow-wrapped at speeds to 300 packages/min, triple the speed of previous feeding equipment.

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From Packaging World® Magazine, March 1999 edition

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