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Servo Drive Documents

SAC-XD Indexer Documents

  Title Description
  SAC-XD_datasheet.pdf SAC-XD Indexer datasheet
  SAC-XD-ReferenceManual.pdf SAC-XD Indexer Servo Drive Reference Manual
  XD-GettingStarted.pdf Getting Started guide for SAC-XD drives
  XD203-205mounting.dxf Mounting diagram for SAC-XD203 & SAC-XD205 drives
  XD210-215mounting.dxf Mounting diagram for SAC-XD210 & SAC-XD215 drives
  XD225-260mounting.dxf Mounting diagram for SAC-XD225, SAC-XD235 & SAC-XD260 drives
  XD403-405mounting.dxf Mounting diagram for SAC-XD403 & SAC-XD405 drives
  XD410mounting.dxf Mounting diagram for SXD410 drive
  XD417-425mounting.dxf Mounting diagram for SAC-XD417 & SAC-XD425 drives
  XD435-450mounting.dxf Mounting diagram for SAC-XD435 & SAC-XD450 drives
  Indexer_IO_Selection Guide Indexer I/O Selection Guide
  Indexer_GearboxSelectionGuide.pdf Indexer Gearbox Selection Guide
  Indexer_MotorSelectionGuide.pdf Indexer Motor Selection Guide
  Indexer_HMI_SelectionGuide.pdf Indexer HMI Selection Guide

SAC-S2D Documents

  Title Description
  sac-s2d-ReferenceManual.pdf S2D Drive Installation and Operations Manual
  S2D_drives_overview.pdf S2D Drive Family Datasheet
  S2D203-205mounting.dwg S2D 203-205 mounting diagram
  S2D210-215mounting.dwg S2D 210-215 mounting diagram
  S2D225-260mounting.dwg S2D 225-260 mounting diagram
  S2D403-405mounting.dwg S2D 403-405 mounting diagram
  S2D410mounting.dwg S2D 410 mounting diagram
  S2D417-425mounting.dwg S2D 417-425 mounting diagram
  S2D435-450mounting.dwg S2D 435-450 mounting diagram

SAC-SD Documents

  Title Description
  SAC-SD-01c.pdf SAC-SD Series Servodrive Installation and Operation Manual
  SDdrives_overview.pdf SAC-SD Series Servodrive Overview
  SD230_datasheet.pdf SAC-SD 230 Series Servodrive Datasheet
  SD460_datasheet.pdf SAC-SD 460 Series Servodrive Datasheet
  SDx203-220mount.dwg SAC-SD Series Servodrive Models 203-220 mounting drawing
  SDx225-260mount.dwg SAC-SD Series Servodrive Models 225-260 mounting drawing
  SDx405-410mount.dwg SAC-SD Series Servodrive Models 405-410 mounting drawing
  SDx435-450mount.dwg SAC-SD Series Servodrive Models 435-450 mounting drawing

R-Series Documents

  Title Description
  SAC-RDE01-ReferenceManual.pdf R-Series Reference Manual for ORMEC SAC-RDE
  SAC-RDE_datasheet.pdf R-Series Drive datasheet for ORMEC SAC-DE servo drives
  SAC-RDE Installation Instructions.pdf R-Series Drive SAC-RDE Installation Instructions

SAC-SM Documents

  Title Description
  SAC-SM_Hardware_Manual.pdf SAC-SM Series Servodrive Installation and Operation Manual
  SMdrives_overview.pdf SAC-SM Series Servodrive Overview
  SM_230_datasheet.pdf SAC-SM 230 Series Servodrive Datasheet
  SM_460_datasheet.pdf SAC-SM 460 Series Servodrive Datasheet
  SM_LP_datasheet.pdf SM LP Series Datasheet

SAC-SW Documents

  Title Description
  SAC-SW_Hardware_Manual.pdf SAC-SW Series Servodrive Installation and Operation Manual
  sw_drive_datasheet.pdf SAC-SW Series Servodrive datasheet
  trbl_sw.pdf SAC-SW Series Servodrive Quick Reference

G-Series Documents

  Title Description
  G-Series_Hardware_Manual.pdf G-Series Servodrive Installation and Operation Manual
  G-Series_datasheet.pdf G-Series Servodrive Datasheet
  G-Series_Quick_Reference.pdf G-Series Servodrive Quick Reference