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Driven by customer satisfaction

ORMEC Manufacturing facilities (corporate headquarters)  Rochester NY

Manufacturing facilities at corporate headquarters (Rochester NY) are ISO9001:2015 certified.

Customer satisfaction is the mantra of ORMEC's highly skilled, well-trained manufacturing personnel. We manufacture high quality motion control products and provide solutions designed to meet your demanding machine performance requirements.

The highest standards and production practices are maintained throughout our ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility.

Excellence in manufacturing

When you choose ORMEC, you'll be working with a manufacturer of automation solutions that meets the hightest of quality standards, so you are assured of high quality products and services. ORMEC's Quality Management System has been ISO9000 compliant since 2005, the entire ORMEC team lives and breathes the principles embodied in this standard.  ORMEC is prod to have a QMS certified as ISO9001:2015 compliant.

Manufacturing, project realization, resource management, purchasing, engineering and service are controlled, coordinated, measured, analyzed and improved on an ongoing basis to increase your overall satisfaction.

ORMEC IS9001:2015 certified

Certification was granted to ORMEC for sales, marketing, design, manufacture, service and repair of motion control devices and related software, and for providing certified training for IEC 61131-3 programming.

Implementation of company wide lean manufacturing and business practices has restructured ORMEC's business. Earning and maintaining the ISO 9001:2015 certification clearly shows our commitment to exceeding your value, quality and performance expectations.

"This change in business model has radically increased productivity, improved delivery and reduced costs, allowing ORMEC to be much more competitive in both the domestic and global markets", states Dr. Edward Krasnicki, President and CEO.

ORMEC's ISO certificate, click here.

ORMEC's Quality statement, click here.


Customer value through Lean Manufacturing

"If it doesn't provide value for the customer, then it is considered wasteful and should be eliminated", is the approach of Lean Manufacturing.

Non-value added practices and waste have been eliminated. ORMEC delivers high quality motion control systems and products consistently and repeatedly by instituting a wide variety of lean manufacturing concepts.


ORMEC's point of use inventory Point of Use Inventory
Consistency of products is improved when commonly used materials are within hand's reach of the operator. Hand tools, schematics, test equipment and other items required to build products are quickly available when needed.





Quality improvement with single piece flowSingle Piece Flow

Quality is improved; work in process is reduced; less physical workspace is required; and waste is eliminated by using this method.

Entire assemblies are built from start to finish and tested without batching similar operations.





Kanban inventory keeps inventories low at ORMEC.Kanban Inventory

Productivity and speed of manufacture are increased when small "supermarkets" of strategically identified assemblies are maintained.

Replenishment of raw materials is efficiently coordinated using a visual kanban system.

On-time deliveries are met while maintaining low finished goods inventories.



Production efficiency with cellular manufacturing

Cellular manufacturing provides flexibility for accommodating quick-turn requirements and emergency orders for motion control products. It is the physical framework for high productivity.

ORMEC's cable cell oayout


Dramatic reductions in floor space for manufacturing and testing of products has been achieved by ORMEC.





Cellular manufacturing



New work cells are created and reconfigured quickly and easily for new product platforms and specific project requirements.



Cellular methodology




Cellular manufacturing is the key to improved workflow, quality and equipment utilization.

"A place for everything and everything in its place"

Neat and orderly work areas promote higher quality and efficiency throughout ORMEC's manufacturing facility. 5S methodology reduces wasteful activities.  Equipment, materials and inventory are well organized and coordinated.

5S methodology used in ORMEC's manufacturing cells




By maintaining internal 5S standards and practices,  processes are more efficient, driving production costs of motion control products and systems lower.





5S methodology used in ORMEC's manufacturing cells

5S Practices

Sort - Evaluate tool requirements for each cell

Straighten - Arrange tools and equipment

Shine - All tools and materials are returned to proper storage locations at the end of shifts

Standardize - All are aware of requirements to maintain 5S standards

Sustain - Monitoring prevents a decline back to old methods of operating


5S methodology employed in ORMEC manufacturing cells




"Has anyone seen my screwdriver?" "Where did I put my meter?" You won't hear those questions at ORMEC, where 5S methodology eliminates the non-value added search for tools and materials.



Production efficiency with visual scheduling

Production lead times of motion control products and systems are decreased and controlled with visual scheduling implemetation. Combined with aggressive cross-training, visual scheduling shows the whole picture to production. The entire team functions with a single purpose.

ORMEC's visual scheduling Master schedule board Visual systems at ORMEC coordinate:

Build and test of products
Customer order shipments
Inventory status
Sub-assembly supermarkets
Preventative maintenance of equipment
5S methodology
Operator cross-training



Ormec's cable Kanban and metrics board


Operators are quickly informed of the requirements for each work cell. Visual scheduling fosters open communication.

Current metrics are displayed and easy to understand.



ORMEC operators efficiently coordinates maitenance, order flow and material status.




Coordination of preventative maintenance, order flow and material status is visually controlled and managed by the operators.



Your UL508A certified panel builder

Integrated panels are built to your design specifications and are UL certified by ORMEC experts.

UL508A certified panels built by ORMEC





The UL 508 A electrical panel standard is designed to provide safe, consistent electrical panels. The standard defines material sourcing, terminal spacing, wire sizing and circuit requirements.










UL508A certified panels built by ORMEC




The standard provides a repeatable baseline for high quality, consistent and safe electrical panels.

In addition to being a UL 508 A certified panel shop, ORMEC provides a comprehensive range of automation integration services.

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