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HMI / MMI Touchscreens

ORMEC’s MMI-MT8000iE and MMI-eMT3000 flatpanel touchscreens come in a range of sizes with functionality for the human-machine interface. Units are available in 4.3, 7, 10, 12 and 15 inch diagonal screen sizes with TFT color displays. These HMIs are used for applications with XD-Indexer servo drives, SMLC and ORION motion controllers.

 Key Features

  • Cost Effective
  • Ethernet Modbus/TCP or RS-232 Modbus RTU
  • Includes EasyBuilder Pro development software
  • XD-Indexer, SMLC or ORION compatible
  • Built-in Recipe Management
  • Fault Indicators for troubleshooting
  • Wide Screen Aspect Ratio on the 4.3", 7" and 10" models
  • The MMI-MT8070iE model features a Class 1, Div 2 rating

The touchscreen provides the operator an effective way to control machine operation. He can easily be alerted to machine alarms and status conditions. Operator Screens illustrate the different sets of machine functionality typically used for setup, maintenance, product run changes and fault conditions. Operator control functionality can be built into the touchscreen to represent a typical factory operator panel without the bulky hardware, I/O modules and wiring.

Each screen can be designed and built in minutes using 'drag and drop' graphical objects found in the EasyBuilder Pro application development utility. A library of standard shapes are provided as well as the ability to use bitmap images to create objects.

ORMEC MMI touch screen

The touchscreens include built-in recipe management for easy storage and retrieval of machine setup parameters. This powerful capability eliminates the need for developing recipe management in the machine control application program, saves software development time and simplifies system design.


Communications with SMLC or ORION motion controllers is either through a serial connection using Modbus RTU or Ethernet using Modbus/TCP. Communications with an XD Indexer is via Ethernet and Modbus/TCP. Screen objects are tagged to input and output registers that are mapped to input and output variables in the CODESYS application program running on the SMLC or MotionBASIC variables in an ORION application program. Touching a screen object or entering data sets the state of the variables in the application program. How the change of state is used in the program defines the object’s control function.


Older HMI models

For documentation on HMI models that are no longer available click here.


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