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MotionSet™ Software

ORMEC's MotionSet Commisioning Software

MotionSet™ is the powerful and easy-to-use commissioning software for both XD-Series Indexer Servo Drives and R-Series Replacement Servo Drives. It runs on a Windows-based development PC and communicates with the servo drives via USB or Ethernet.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use tree configuration
  • Drag 'n' drop I/O mapping
  • Motor integration wizard for 3rd party motors
  • Quick motor test window for fast motor checkout
  • Powerful digital scope for tuning and diagnostics
  • Built-in drive exerciser to simulate I/O
  • Event log shows last 32 drive events
  • Real-time monitoring of drive values
  • Upgrade utility for updating drive firmware

Project Configuration

ORMEC MotionSet configuration tree structure

MotionSet uses a tree to represent the project configuration. Simply click on any element in the tree to view that page's configuration values. To create a new project, start at the top of the setup screen and select your drive model. Select your motor and optional auxiliary encoder. Select your user units for position, velocity and acceleration. Configure any optional settings such as programmable limit switches (PLS), regen, brake, limits, etc.

To configure I/O, a drag and drop interface is used. This allows you to easily assign input and output functions to the drive's physical I/O points. The XD-Indexer has 14 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. There are dozens of input and output functions that can be mapped to the I/O. Up to two input or output functions can be assigned to each I/O point.

For the R-Series servo drives, the motor and I/O configurations are predetermined and the project tree is simplified, only showing relevant settings.

Motion Configuration


ORMEC MotionSet Motion Configuration

The motion table for XD-Series drive can contain up to 32 different motions. The motion types supported include relative and absolute indexes, velocity moves, gearing at a ratio, relative gears, cams and profiles. There are two ways to initiate these motions using digital I/O. You can directly assign the first 8 motions to their own digital inputs or you can use up to 5 inputs as a BCD selection for any one of the 32 motions. Motions can also be initiated via the Modbus/TCP or Fieldbus interfaces. Each motion table entry can be repeated or chained to another motion. This chaining can be synchronized to an input and there is an option to blend one motion to the next without the motor coming to a stop.



MotionSet Motion Table Configuration

You can configure two jog speeds.There is an extensive Homing setup that supports almost any homing scenario without requiring external PLC control. Note that the jogging and homing functions do not use any of the 32 motion table entries.


MotionSet provides a Motion Overview screen which lets you see and edit all parameters for all 32 motions from one screen. Each motion table entry can be given a descriptive name and this name is displayed in the tree and on the motion overview screen.


AxiSet Drive Exerciser

Commissioning your application is easy with MotionSet. If using a standard ORMEC motor, simply pick it from the drop down list. If not, you can use the Motor Integration Wizard to automatically characterize a 3rd party motor. Once characterized, the motor is added to the MotionSet Custom Motor Database. This allows you to easily arrange and categorize motors and encoders from different vendors. The Custom Motor Database can also import and export motors and encoders by Vendor, Series or Model number.

Once the motor is connected, use the MotionSet Tuning screen and digital Scope to fine tune the motor. Tuning can be done in Simple Mode or Advanced Mode. In Simple Mode you can adjust the Load vs. Motor inertia ratio and the velocity loop proportional gain. In Advanced Mode you have access to all of the current, velocity and position loop gains as well as the advanced features of notch filters, command low pass filters, feedforward filters and acceleration gains.

To test your application without wiring the I/O, use the Drive Exerciser. The Drive Exerciser lets you override any or all of the digital I/O on the drive and control it with the click of a mouse. The Drive Exerciser provides key real time data from the drive and lets you clear faults or errors, and initiate any motion in the motion table.

Diagnostic Capabilities

ORMEC MotionSet 4 channel Scope

MotionSet includes extensive diagnostic capabilities.  The Scope is a 4-channel digital oscilloscope that displays any important values in your system in real-time. The timebase of the scope can be set as low as 0.1 msec allowing you to see the fastest events. There are over 40 triggers to choose from including motion conditions (in motion, in accel, in decel, etc.), fault conditions, encoder reference signals, digital inputs, digital outputs and more. You can choose to trigger the scope manually or let it free run. Each of the 4 traces can be assigned from velocity, current, position, position error, bus voltage, digital inputs and outputs, encoder reference signals, auxiliary encoder velocity, position or other variables.

The Scope can log the drive's digital inputs and outputs and will graphically decode the state of each input or output at every sample of the capture. It is like having a built-in logic analyzer.

The Scope has zoom and pan features and allowing zooming down to the sample level. You can make cursor measurements and use the cursor to view the actual value of each logged value at any point on the display. A built-in frequency analysis tool is used to isolate any resonances in your system.

The Monitor screen gives you a view of the current status of all of your I/O as well as many key values in the system such as position, velocity, current, fault/error status, motion # in progress, repeat counts etc., in real-time.

The Event Log shows the most recent 32 events that occurred in the drive. Events include power cycles, faults and error conditions. The events are time-stamped,for diagnosis of any unusual conditions.

Other Features

  • The Scope and Drive Exerciser have alternate 'small' views for use with limited screen real estate.
  • Ability to check, at any time, for updates on the web to assure you have the latest version. Updates can be automatically downloaded and installed.
  • Displays complete version information for a connected drive and contains a utility for upgrading the firmware in the drive.
  • Ability to restore an R-Series drive to the factory default settings.


Video Library

Features detailed MotionSet videos with setup and operating features.




MotionSet Programming Overview

Learn how to program your application with MotionSet to reduce engineering and commissioning time.

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