Traverse Winding

Traverse Winding - ORMEC motion control

Traverse Winding - Productivity in Motion


Accurate, high speed  servos are used for traverse and automated winding applications. Coordinated motion control is implemented through electronic gearing. Intricate, precise, high speed pattern winding is handled for a large variety of spooling, winding and core applications.




Benefits of an ORMEC Solution

  • Quick cycle times with stable control - advanced servo control algorithms
  • Fast product changeovers -  versatile touchscreen operator interface
  • Batch processing - automated with minimal operator intervention


  • Winding for coil, fuse and motor armature
  • Spooling for plastic film and rope
  • Cores for transformer and capacitor foil
  • Layups for air filters and fiberglass
  • Fiber-optic cable
  • Dental floss


  • Plastic film, Photographic film, Fiber-optic, Automotive
Application Highlights
Traverse winding motion control application

Traverse Winding - Technical Brief

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