Product Information

XD-Series Indexer Servo Drive and Motor Kits

Panel mounted XD Indexer Kit

XD Indexer kits are designed to simplify system selection and start-up. Kits offer a matched Indexing servo drive and servo motor as well as the basic support hardware used in a typical system. The system is fully documented and easy to connect and start.  System support hardware provides components for safety and convenience which are easy to overlook.  The kits are available pre-wired and mounted to standard plates for your convenience.

Key features

  • Easy selection and sizing
  • Support parts included, saving you hours or days of time selecting parts
  • Wired panel option – saves more hours
  • Up and running in minutes instead of days
  • Preconfigured for your motor and loaded with example motions
  • You focus on what you know, your machine. Leave the controls to us.

Kit Selection

If you know the operating point of your machine, speed and HP required, you are all set.  If you aren't sure we can help determine it.

XD Indexer Kit Horsepower curve

Start with 2 pieces of information ~ operating point and input voltage.  For example 1.25 HP at 1750 RPM at 230 VAC. Review the performance curves, selecting one with the margins you need.  See example to the right.  The Kit Selection Guide contains performance curves for all standard motors available. (See datasheet link)

Now order. No need to think about the normal safety components – circuit breaker, contactor and E-Stop, or cables, or EMI control. Those parts are matched and included.

Only two more decisions ~ kit configuration and motor cable length.  The basic kit comes as loose parts. Don’t want to do the wiring – order the kit mounted and wired on a panel. When you receive it connect power, attach motor cables and you’ll be running in minutes. A full NEMA enclosure is available as well.  Cable lengths from 10 to 70 feet are standard, longer upon request.

What’s in a Kit

  • Kits begin with an M-Series motor, high performance, rugged and cost-effective.
  • Each is perfectly matched with a XD-Series Indexing servo drive which provides the intelligence of the system.
  • Cables to the motor
  • Standard power input safety features – circuit breaker, line filter, contactor
  • E-Stop push button and reset
  • I/O terminal block breakout for easy connection of field I/O
  • I/O test fixture for a quick start

Options / Selection choices

Selection is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3!

  • Choose from 9 preselected motors - 5 in the 230 V class, 4 in the 460 V class
  • Choose the length of the motor cables – how far from controls to motor
  • Choose how to receive the parts – loose, wired on a panel or wired and in NEMA enclosure

Didn't see what you want?

Didn’t find what you wanted? Need more power?
Prebuilt kits make standard purchases simple. But they don’t always cover your needs. ORMEC specializes in adapting and customizing to meet your needs.

Common changes and variations

  • Motors to 20 HP
  • Brakes added to the motor
  • Longer cables or special needs – high flex, IP67
  • Multiaxis systems
  • Rugged environments

Challenge us with your special needs, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what we can do.