The ServoWire Motion & Logic Controller (SMLC) is ORMEC's flagship controller and has all of the latest technologies needed for complete machine control. The SMLC combines ORMEC motion engine with a high performance PLC.

Key Features

Single Axis Control

XD IndexerORMEC has two products that offer single axis control. For simple indexing applications, or for a single axis application following a pacer encoder, consider using an XD Drive.







SMLC-15For single axis applications that require the power of an integrated IEC-61131-3 PLC consider using the SMLC-15. The SMLC-15 and a single ServoWire drive can also be used in applications that formerly used an SMLC-SA, which is no longer available.






Cost Effective Multi-Axis Control

SMLC-15 and 3 SAC-XD drivesFor multi-axis applications that only require loosely coordinated motion, an SMLC-15 can be connected to up to 48 XD drives via Ethernet for a very cost effective solution.












ORION Motion Controller,  an industrial PC-based platform for multi-axis motion control


The ORION family is a mature product, fully supported and in current production. For new applications, we recommend using SMLC Motion Controllers.

Key Features

  • 3 High Performance Models
  • Compatible with ORMEC ServoWire drives
  • Up to 32 Axis
  • MotionBASIC programming environment
  • Fully Integrated factory floor communications
  • All-digital servo control algorithms


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