Servo Drives

ORMEC offers a complete line of digitally networked and analog servo drives.

XD-Series Indexer Servo Drive

XD-Series Indexer Servo Drives

This advanced Indexer is a full featured Indexer born from a long line of industry leading motion control products. As a result, this Indexers has features not found in typical single axis products. With the highly capable GUI software interface, the set-up and operation of the Indexer is easy and simple.  A sophisticated Motor Wizard simplifies non-standard motor integration and enables quick commissioning of unproven motors.  Video tutorials make this product easy to learn and implement.   

Key Features

  • 32 independent motion profiles
  • Motion types - Incremental and Absolute Indexing, Camming, Blended Moves, Gearing, Registration. Homing, and others
  • I/O - 14 Inputs and 8 Outputs
  • Communication Protocols - Modbus/TCP is standard, and Ethernet/IP can be added.
  • Power Ranges of 115, 230 and 460 VAC
  • Current Ratings of 3 to 60 Amp
  • 600 W to 15 kW of motor output power
  • Motor Wizard for Easy Commissioning of Motors
  • Internal Safety Circuits

S2D-Series Servo Drives

The S2D Series of ServoWire Drives interface with the SMLC ServoWire  controllers. Available in two series, 200V and 400V, there are 14 models that provide continuous output power ranging from 600 watts to 24 kilowatts. Output current ranges from 3 to 60 amps rms/phase.

Key Features

  • Works with practically all servo motors
  • Maximum flexibility with separate Control and Main power Input 24V DC, 100-240 or 100 - 480 VAC
  • Current Levels are from 2.5 to 60 amp RMS/Phase
  • Both Encoder and Resolver feedbacks available
  • IEEE 1394b (FireWire) digital drive network with locking connectors
  • Small footprint
  • UL and CE marked
  • Safe Torque Off for machinery safety requirements
  • Real-time Hardware Counter with no latency for applications requiring extremely fast, deterministic timing

R-Series Replacement Servo Drives

R-Series Replacement Servo Drive

The R-Series is a family of replacement drives designed to minimize hardware costs and eliminate engineering time for upgrading servo drives.

Key Features

  • Drop-in replacement with adapter cables that connect to existing motor and controller interface cables
  • Extends the life-cycle of your current production equipment
  • Preservation of existing application code
  • Improved energy efficiency

Designed to be a drop-in replacement for upgrades of aging, difficult-to-replace and repair drives, the R-Series servo drive is available for the following models:

  • ORMEC SAC-DE Servo Drives

The R-Series family of drives continues to expand with new models to meet your upgrade and retrofit needs. Replacement models for additional legacy ORMEC servo drives and drives from other vendors will soon be available. 

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