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SM-Series Servo Drives

Note: While ORMEC supports the SM-Series drives, it is highly recommended that all new systems use S2D-Series drives with the SMLC controller.

SAC-SM 230 Series Servo Drives

Up to 16 ServoWire SM drives can be interfaced to an ORION or the SMLC (Servowire Motion and Logic Controller) using a standard FireWire network,using ServoWire protocol for motion control.  These drives are rugged and reliable and are currently operating in applications around the world.

Key Features

  • Small Footprint - higher power density reduces space requirements
  • Sinusoidal Commutation - improves low speed torque ripple
  • Trapezoidal Commutation - provides user flexibility
  • Integral Shunt Regulators - adds protection
  • Status Indicator - single digit display for network ID & drive status
  • ServoWire Network Interface - all-digital control link to ServoWire Network
  • Drive Power Inputs - 115 or 230 VAC nominal with overvoltage protection
  • Low Power - 24VDC is available
  • UL/CE marked
  • External Regen & Bus Connections - allows bus power to be shared between drives
  • Brushless Motor Feedback Interface - quadrature encoders and differential or single-ended hall tracks, serial encoders and resolvers (optional).
  • Flexible Drive I/O - provide a variety of I/O see below

 SAC-SM 460 Series Servo Drives

15 models offer continuous output currents from 2.4 to 60 amps RMS/phase at 24 VDC, 115, 230 or 460 VAC and an all-digital design eliminates all manual drive setup including pots and jumpers.


Integrated Drive I/O

  • High Speed Sensors: Each drive provides interfaces for two high-speed sensors. The ASEN and BSEN inputs, along with the internal encoder reference signal, can capture real-time axis position for either or both axes within one microsecond of assertion. They can initiate axis motion on the next position loop update (between 0.4 and 1.0 msec delay—depending on loop rate).
  • E-Stop and Overtravel Limit Inputs: Each drive provides optically isolated inputs, which can be configured as hardware overtravel limits and an E-Stop.
  • Brake Output: A user-configurable output is provided for control of fail-safe brakes. Brake options are available for H-Series servomotors.
  • Drive Ready: A user-configurable output is provided to indicate when the drive is operating normally, without faults. This output is intended for use in the system e-stop interlock circuit.
  • Zero Reference Output: A buffered motor zero reference (index mark) output signal is available.


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Part Numbers

The following is a list of valid part numbers for SAC-SM Series Servo Drives