SMLC Software

SMLC Software Downloads

Below is the software required for programming and maintaining an SMLC motion controller. If you need the latest version of everything, download the CDS-SDK (or the CDS-SDK-SA for SMLC-SA controllers).

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NOTE: You must install the SMLC sofware with Admin rights!

SMLC Software

CODESYS Software Development Kit (CDS-SDK)

CDS-SDK is the complete CODESYS Software Development Kit for the SMLC. It includes the CODESYS IDE, ServoWire Pro, WIN32-DRV (a driver required by ServoWire Pro), SMLC firmware and boot patches, drive firmware for all ServoWire drives, along with all documentation and tutorials. NOTE: CDS-SDK works with ALL SMLC models, including the SMLC-SA.

To install the demo version use serial number SWP-00000-13311-10 for ServoWire Pro
  Title Description  
  ReleaseNotes.rtf Release notes for the CDS-SDK Download
  CDS-SDK-3.9.0.exe CODESYS Software Development Kit installation image for ALL SMLC models, including v3 SMLC hardware. Download
  CDS-SDK-3.7.3.exe CODESYS Software Development Kit installation image, for ALL SMLC Models, including the SMLC-SA Download
  CDS-SDK-DEMO-3.5.0.exe CODESYS Software Development Kit installation image, DEMO version. Limited to 2 axes of 3 amp drives. Download The version of OrmLibFunc3.lib included with CDS-SDK v3.3.0 was incorrect. Download this file and unzip it to the \Program Files\3S Software\CoDeSys v2.3\Targets\ORMEC_SMLC folder if you need the functionality included in this library. Download