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Distributed Feedback for XD-Series Indexer


November 1, 2015 – Rochester, New York, USA – ORMEC is pleased to announce a new feature for the XD-Series Indexer Drive. Distributed Feedback closes the Servo Motor’s Position and Velocity Loop with a separate feedback device directly connected at the load.

A separate feedback device such as a Rotary Encoder or Linear Glass Scale can improve accuracy and precision of load positioning, removing errors caused by mechanical limitations such as backlash from a gear-box or pitch error found on ball-screws. Used in conjunction with a pulley and belt system, it also could be used to detect belt breakage.


The separate position can still be latched on the rising edge of each digital input and used in a wide variety of applications such as registration, wind/unwind diameter calculations, etc.


Distributed Feedback on XD-Series Indexer


Figure 1: Example of XD-Series Indexer with Distributed Feedback Device



Part Numbers and other Requirements:

ORMEC Part Number

ORMEC Description


Select the Pacer (Aux) Feedback Option on the Drive

SAC-XD Firmware 2.7.0

XD-Series Indexer must be release version 2.7.0 or later.

Other Requirements


Feedback Type

Standard Quadrature (A quad B) up to 12 MHz Differential or single-ended

Table 1: Additions of Distributed Feedback Option for the XD-Series Indexer



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