Application Highlights

Vision Guided Motion

Camera, Motion controller, MMI  for vision guided motion

Vision Guided Motion systems combine machine vision with precision motion control. The motion of the tool and work pieces  is controlled based on the position data generated by the vision system.

Path Following with Part Tracking and Free Form Edge Tracking systems are two applications that were developed to increase production and reduce costs.

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Traverse Winding

motion control for traverse winding application

Accurate high speed  servos are used for traverse and automated winding applications. Intricate, precise, high speed pattern winding is handled for a large variety of spooling, winding and core applications.



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Rotary Knife

Motion control application for rotary knife

The knife axis with one or more blades or dies equally spaced around its circumference, matches the web speed while making a cut or impression. Since the product length is seldom equal to the circumference, the knife must speed up or slow down when the die is not in contact with the web.

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Reciprocating Flying Shear

Reciprocating Flying Shears are used to cut, emboss, print or apply other processes to a moving web.

The carriage axis carries the knife or die and accelerates to match the web speed. The knife or die cycles to perform the process while the carriage synchronizes to the web. The carriage then decelerates and reverses, and rapidly moves back to its start position ready for the next cycle.

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Container labeling (sleeves)

Container labeling machine

Sleeves are applied over bottles to label them without using glue. Preprinted sleeves labels are automatically positioned and applied over bottles fed through a carousel labeling machine. 

Increases in productivity and machine flexibility are acheived along with decreased operator intervention.


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