ORMEC Solution Partners

ORMEC Solution Partners

ORMEC Solution Partners provide a wide array of applications engineering support, motion control and PLC programming expertise, operator interface development, panel construction, system testing, on-site support and other engineering support services. We support these partners with motion control training, application/technical consulting and access to ORMEC's technical resources.

Kinetic Machine Development LLC

17 Linden Park
Rochester, NY 14625

Contact: Dr. Edward Krasnicki
phone: (585) 641-2470
fax:     (585) 385-6833

ORMEC Solution Partner & Motion System Integrator

KINETIC Machine Development, LLC (KMD) has origins as an integration company and has extensive experience with ORMEC motion control products. 

The team of engineers at KMD specialize in providing custom machinery for automated and semi-automated assembly systems. Principal industries served include: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Automotive, General Manufacturing, Food and Consumer.

Capabilities range from controls integration and machine upgrades, to complete design, fabrication and commissioning of custom automation systems.

At a Glance

• Experienced in ORMEC Systems implementation and design 
• Complete system design including mechanical and electrical design & panel builds
• Motion control application solutions
• PLC and PC programming
• Operator interface development
• Post-delivery support, calibration, technical assistance & maintenance

Key Capabilities

• Control system design 
• Control system upgrades
• System Integration
• Control panel design
• PLC program development
• HMI program development
• Servo Retrofits
• Integrating motion control and vision

Custom Machinery

• Custom Machine design
• System Integration
• Control system design
• Machine vision
• Integrating motion control
• Lean Manufacturing Cell Design
• Phased Project Management
• SolidWorks CAD

ORMEC Applications Expertise

• SMLC/ORION system integration
• SMLC motion control and PLC development
• Legacy Gen 3 and PMC Support
• Servo feed systems
• Electro/Mechanical upgrades to servo control
• Product orientation systems
• Vision guided motion systems


• Multi-axis motion control systems & networked drives
• Factory networking communication solutions
• Manufacturing solutions
• Inspection equipment
• Pouching equipment

Innovative Automation, Inc.

Innovative Automation logo15377 Oakwood Drive
Romulus, MI 48174
Contact: Mike Bongiovanni

phone: (734) 442-0100
fax: (734) 442-0101

ORMEC Solution Partner & Motion System Integrator

Innovative Automation, Inc., a process-solutions based manufacturing engineering company, specializes in the InAutomation Method. In practice, their team of process engineers observes and analyzes your manufacturing process to design solutions geared toward improving capability, capacity, cycle times, and efficiencies, thus, resulting in a more economical manufacturing process. 

They take pride in developing solutions directly for your application as opposed to fitting your application into a  “catalog” solutions. By specializing in a process based approach, they can support any type of manufacturing effort. In combination with your product specific expertise, they can work together to improve operations.

At a Glance

  • Complete Controls, Mechanical and Chemical Process Solutions
  • Motion Control Application Solutions
  • PLC Control Application Solutions
  • Operator Interface Development
  • Innovative Manufacturing Solutions Provider
  • Experienced ORMEC Systems Implementation and Design

Key Capabilities

  • Manufacturing Process Analysis
  • Process Based Manufacturing Solutions
  • Motion Control Programming
  • PLC Systems Design and Programming
  • Mechanical Systems and Machine Design
  • Machine Build and Process Development
  • Chemical Systems Design and Integration
  • Part Lubrication/Cleaning Development
  • Project management

Engineering Services

  • Manufacturing Process Engineering
  • New Process Development
  • Mechanical Systems Design
  • Controls Systems Design and integration
  • Chemical Engineering Consultation and Services
  • Project Management

ORMEC Application Experience

  • SMLC/Orion Systems Integration
  • SMLC Motion and PLC Development
  • Legacy Gen III and PMC Support
  • Flexible Automatic Assembly
  • Roll Former Motion Control
  • Web Handling
  • Servo Feed Systems
  • Servo Shear Applications
  • Electro/Mechanical Upgrades of Existing Equipment to Servo Control

Products & Services

  • Manufacturing Solutions
  • Complete Manufacturing Cell Design
  • Process Analysis and Optimization
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Lubrication/Cleaning Solutions
  • Inspection equipment
Integration solutions

The ORMEC Solution Partner program provides you with access to quality firms with proven system integration and motion control capabilities.

  • Kinetic Machine Development
  • Innovative Automation

These companies are authorized partners with experience implementing ORMEC motion control equipment and solutions.