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ORMEC's MotionDesk Development Kit provides a complete motion programming environment on any PC running Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP (Windows Vista is not supported. MotionDesk can run in a virtual Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP machine within Vista). MotionDesk will run in Window 7's XP Mode. A tech brief describing the configuration is available. The MotionDesk Development Kit provides software tools to simplify the configuration, development and maintenance of ORION motion control systems.

MotionDesk is a fully integrated, Windows-oriented desktop for motion control. It uses drop-down menus, toolbars and dialog boxes to provide an intuitive graphical user interface to ORION controllers.

MotionDesk software for ORION controllers

Multi-Window Development

The MotionDesk Development Console provides a multi-window development environment that includes multiple local windows on your PC as well as a multi-window interface to your motion controller.

MotionDesk uses TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) to implement high speed serial communications with ORION motion controllers. TCP/IP enables MotionDesk to simultaneously open multiple communication channels with ORION and provides windows to modify, control and view program operation.

Project Navigator

The ORION Project Navigator simplifies configuration of the ORION system. It includes multiple screens for unit and axis parameters as well as servo gearing and I/O configurations.

A software wizard provides a series of screens that simplify configuration.

MotionPad Editor

The MotionPad program editing tools and macro capabilities help speedprogram development. MotionPad features include:

  • Context-sensitive help on menus, toolbars and MotionBASIC keywords
  • Colored emphasis of MotionBASIC keywords to highlight programming problems during editing
  • Comprehensive text editing and file management capabilities
  • Multiple file, multiple window editing
  • Multi-level undo capability

MotionPad activates when a programming error is detected during a ORION controller system test. The errors are presented in a MotionPad window and indicate the module and the source line causing the error.

Windows Help

The ORION Help System uses Windows-based tools to provide access to MotionBASIC and ORION information. Full text searching capabilities and multi-level folders provide a graphical interface for exploring topics with dynamic links and hypertext tools. The MotionPad editor is linked to the Help System. This makes it simple to initiate searches from the editor by highlighting a word and invoking the Help System.

File Management

MotionDesk provides fully integrated file management features. An FTP folder using TCP/IP communications manages user files on the ORION controller.

Upgrade Director

The installation of the latest version of MotionBASIC or a MotionBASIC Extension, along with the appropriate Help files, is easy with the Upgrade Director. Integrated into the MotionDesk environment, the Upgrade Director presents a menu that  allows installation of only what is need for your application. In addition to upgrades, all MotionBASIC extensions are available in the Software Support Library.

Axis Tune

Programming is not required to tune the motor/drive systems to the system load. Built-in and user modifiable motion profiles, with default parameters, are automatically adjusted to meet your system inertia load requirements. This provides quick and easy fine-tuning of the system loop response. All modifications to loop parameters are implemented dynamically with visual feedback on the integral color scope. Final adjustments can be stored in the project configuration file.


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