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OEM Products and Services

ORMEC servo drives and motion control for OEM machineryORMEC Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) partners and their customers benefit when cost-effective, optimized, ORMEC motion control and servo drive products are integrated into their production machinery.

Designed by our development engineers, standard or customized ORMEC products are incorporated into OEM automation equipment to provide the required industry specific features and functions.

Optimized Products

ORMEC OEM partnership Opportunities for machineryORMEC designs and manufactures motion controllers and servo drives in our Rochester, NY facility. OEM partners choose a discounted hardware option that best meets their needs:

OEM partners receive bundled software as part of the hardware price; no user license fees are charged. Cost-effective and highly reliable equipment is supplied to you for your customers.

Comprehensive Services

Engineering - As part of your design team, our ORMEC application experts become your experts. They are extensions to your engineering team.

Manufacturing - Supplemental manufacturing capacity is available for building panels, enclosures and subassemblies at the ORMEC facility. Sub-assemblies can be pretested and ready to integrate into your machines.

Service and Support - Technical support for OEM partners includes engineers that understand your specific application solution including both hardware and software functionality.  Technical support and service includes trouble-shooting, maintenance and repairs.

Training - Specialized training courses are available with content tailored specifically for your application and equipment. Classes are held at our Rochester, NY facility or may be scheduled at your facility.

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ORMEC OEM partnership opportunities

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