Discounted motion control equipment

Refurbished equipment at 30% discount

This refurbished and fully-tested motion control equipment is in stock and available for very quick delivery times. Prices are 30% off list.

 Gen 3  


 GN3-DSP-A2 - Dual Axis DSP Module


 ORION    ORN-DSP-A2/2  -  Dual Axis DSP Module, 2 TB

800 and 8000 Series MMI    None available at this time

D-Series drives Motion Control Used equipment - D-Series drives 

SAC-D08M/I - 200V for MAC -DB055

DE-Series drives Ormec DE series drives - refurbished

SAC-DE02A1/A or I - 200V for MAC-DE003A1 Abs or Inc

SAC-DE02B2/A or I - 200V for MAC-DE006B2 Abs or Inc

G-Series drives Used motion control equipment G-Series 

SAC-G205-AQ - 200V, 4.1/4.7A

SAC-G417-AR - 400V, 17/34 A

SD - Series drives Used equipment Ormec Systems - SD drives 

SAC-SDM435-S0000 460V, 35A


SAC-XD203-SA0000  200V, 3A, eth. 

SAC-XD410-SD00R0  400V, 10A, DC-L,Eth,Reg

SAC-XD425-SD00R0  400V, 25A, DC-L,Eth,Reg

B, C, D, G, H and M series

MAC-B110E/K1A - AC, 110 in-lb, 2500 rpm

MAC-B025B/K1A - AC, 25 in-lb, 2500 rp

MAC-B330G/K1A - AC, 300 in-lb, 2500 rpm

MAC-DB025L/I - AC, 26 in-lb, 3000 rpm, inc.

MAC-DE003A2/A    AC ServoMotor, 2.8in lb, 4500rpm, Abs

MAC-G055A2/M2 - AC, 54 in-lb, 3500 RPM 230V, Met

MAC-G006A1/M2 - AC, 5.8 in-lb, 6800 RPM 20V, Met

MAC-HB025B/I - AC, 25 in-lb, 3000 rpm, 200V, inc.

MAC-HB300C/I - AC, 305 in-lb, 3000 rpm, 400V, inc.

Westamp motor  

MT2232-0000-00 - Standard with short cover

MT233-0000-00 - Standard with short cover

Encoder   EDR-25C/D5000 - pos,flange mtg w/coupler, 80,000 cts
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This discounted equipment is available on a first-come basis. All equipment is fully refurbished, tested by our service department and covered by a six month warranty.

In addition to controllers, MMIs, servo motors and servo drives, a variety of pre-made cables are available.

These items are ready for quick shipment to meet your immediate demands.


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