Product Overview

ORMEC offers a comprehensive range of integrated motion control products.

ORMEC's ServoWire Motion & Logic Controller (SMLC) for multiaxis motion and PLC functions


ORMEC provides three motion controller families.

  • The ServoWire Motion and Logic Controller (SMLC) is the flagship controller family and provides all of the capability of former ORMEC controllers. It is a motion controller and PLC in one convienient compact unit that is programmed using ORMEC IEC 61131-3 CoDeSys software.
  • ORION (ServoWire) and ORION (Analog) are previous generation controllers. Gen3 (Analog) family is at the end of its lifecycle. It is in limited repair status.


Indexer Servo Drives

SAC-XD Indexer Servo Drive

ORMEC offers a full line of advanced Indexer Servo Drives. The XD Indexer is full-featured with capabilities to perform Indexing, Camming, Gearing, Registration and more. The power range of the XD-Indexer is the widest in the industry with 200V and 400V Series Models. The 200V Series supports 120-240V from 3 to 60 Amp and the 400V Series supports 460V from 3 to 50 Amp.

The XD-Series Indexer Servo Drive is the most advanced Indexer in the industry and features an easy-to-use, straight-forward commissioning software and graphical user interface. Communication with the XD Drive is accomplished using industry standard protocols.




Servo Drives

ORMEC offers a range of  servo drive families.

  • The S2D-Series Drive family is fully compatible with the SMLC family of controllers. These drives communicate with the SMLC through IEEE 1394b FireWire digital communications.
  • The R-Series Replacement Drive family is a cost effective retrofit option for aging and legacy drives.
  • The G-Series servo drive is the drive to use in analog servo systems. These systems are typically older systems. ORMEC has made a commitment to our customers with these systems. Expect continued support from ORMEC as you keep this important equipment operational. We also supply replacement drives for our competitors' aging drives.
  • SD, SM and SW drive families are no longer supported.




Servo Motors

ORMEC offers a range of Servo Motors depending on your application needs. 

  • The M-Series servo motor family
  • The N-Series servo motor family
  • The L-Series linear motor family
  • Custom motors may be supplied as required.
  • Older families of motors are supported (MAC-A, MAC-B, MAC-C, MAC-D, MAC-E, MAC-F, MAC-G, MAC-H) with new replacements, when available and with motor repair services, when needed.



Gear Boxes


The APEX servo gearbox has been designed for direct attachment to ORMEC servo motors as well as a variety of other manufacturers' servo motors. Both the GBX-AB-Series (very low backlash) and the GBX-AE-Series (low backlash) have been designed for continuous (S1) or cyclic (S5) duty operation and are available as straight shaft or right angle models. Single stage ratios up to 10:1 and two stage ratios up to 100:1 are available.



KMD-Series Electromechanical ActuatorsElectromechanical Actuator

ORMEC’s KMD Series Electromechanical Actuators provide a powerful and efficient alternative to hydraulic or roller screw actuator applications

Excellent Maximum Force and Dynamic Load ratings are superior to other similarly sized and configured electro-mechanical actuators.

Extremely durable construction including world class ball screw technology and heavy-duty ball bearing assembly providing quieter and higher performance efficiencies. 

Increased life expectance and side load capacity exceeding that found in correspondingly sized actuators.



ORMEC’s MMI-8000 flatpanel touchscreens are designed for effective operator control of machine operations. Units are available in screen sizes (diagonal) from four to fifteen inches, with TFT color displays. These HMIs communicate serially or through TCP/IP Ethernet.



SMLC I/O options

SMLC ethernet connectivity to WAGO IO

ServoWire Motion & Logic Controllers (SMLC) integrate with WAGO 750 series I/O. The standard DIN rail mounted digital and analog  I/O modules connect via Ethernet or Profibus DP Fieldbus coupler. WAGO I/O is easy to implement, operate and maintain.

Specialty modules are available with up/down counters, incremental encoder interfaces, SSI interfaces and more. The I/O modules are color-coded by function and provide a high degree of isolation and noise immunity between the motion controller and external components.


Pacer Encoders

Pacer Encoder

The ability to interface a position encoder to a ServoWire Drive can provide vital position information to the motion control system. Pacer Encoders provide real-time shaft position data of a machine axis. This can be used by any axes in the system when electronic gearing and/or cam profiling is used in an application. This approach is simple and effective, because information for the "encoder axis" is available for use in the same way that information is used from any "servo axis".



ORMEC Software


ORMEC designs, creates and supports the software for all of its controllers including the SMLC, ORION and the XD Indexer. G-Series drive software is also supported. This software and all upgrades are available for download by users who register.

Immediate notification of upgrades and new releases is available via RSS feed from the ORMEC News page.





ORMEC upgrade strategy for legacy products

Legacy Products

Even with ORMEC’s commitment to support all our products for 20 years or more, there comes a point in time when your legacy ORMEC equipment needs to be updated or replaced. 

Migration services include applications engineering, hardware and software upgrades. Our engineers make this transition as easy and straight forward as possible.

When it's time to migrate, please contact us.

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