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Other Documents

HMI Documents

  Title Description
  SMLC_HMI_SelectionGuide.pdf MMI-MT8000 and MMI-eMT3000 Series touch screens for use with SMLC controllers
  Indexer_HMI_SelectionGuide.pdf MMI-MT8000 and MMI-eMT3000 series touch screens for use with XD Indexer
  EB8000_QuickStartGuide.pdf EasyBuilder 8000 Quick Start guide, applies to EasyBuilder Pro as well
  eMT3000_Series_InstallationInstructions.pdf eMT3000 series installation instructions, applies to MT8000 series as well
  MMI 8000 Series.pdf MMI-8000 Family datasheet (older datasheet)

I/O Documents

  Title Description
  IO Options for SMLC WAGO I/O options for SMLC Controllers
  WAGO Ethernet 750-352 Fieldbus Coupler WAGO I/O System 750-352 Ethernet Fieldbus Coupler manual
  WAGO Ethernet 750-342 Modular I/O WAGO Modular I/O Ethernet TCP/IP 750-342 manual
  WAGO Profibus 750-333 Fieldbus Coupler WAGO Modular I/O Profibus Fieldbus Coupler 750-333 manual
  SMLC_Profibus Master Tutorial Tutorial on using the SMLC as a Profibus DP master

Actuator Documents

  Title Description
  KMD-Series Actuators KMD-Series Actuator Datasheet
  SGB-210606[1].pdf SGB Series Actuator Datasheet
  DGB-210606[2].pdf DGB Series Actuator Datasheet

Remote Diagnostics

Quick Start Guide for the ORMEC Remote Diagnostics using a VPN Router