5S Methodology

"A place for everything and everything in its place"

Neat and orderly work areas promote higher quality and efficiency throughout ORMEC's manufacturing facility. 5S methodology reduces wasteful activities.  Equipment, materials and inventory are well organized and coordinated.

5S methodology used in ORMEC's manufacturing cells




By maintaining internal 5S standards and practices,  processes are more efficient, driving production costs of motion control products and systems lower.





5S methodology used in ORMEC's manufacturing cells

5S Practices

Sort - Evaluate tool requirements for each cell

Straighten - Arrange tools and equipment

Shine - All tools and materials are returned to proper storage locations at the end of shifts

Standardize - All are aware of requirements to maintain 5S standards

Sustain - Monitoring prevents a decline back to old methods of operating


5S methodology employed in ORMEC manufacturing cells




"Has anyone seen my screwdriver?" "Where did I put my meter?" You won't hear those questions at ORMEC, where 5S methodology eliminates the non-value added search for tools and materials.



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