Product Information

SMLC  I/O options

ServoWire Motion & Logic Controllers (SMLC) integrate with WAGO 750 series I/O. The standard DIN rail mounted digital and analog  I/O modules connect via Ethernet coupler. WAGO I/O is easy to implement, operate and maintain.

 Key Features

  • Ethernet coupler
  • DIN Rail mounted
  • Wide variety of input and output modules

Ormec SMLC controller Ethernet integration with Wago I/O

Ethernet Fieldbus coupler kit, 100baseT: WAGO-ETH2-KIT

Ormec SMLC with Ethernet interfacing to Wago I/O

Ethernet Fieldbus Coupler Kit, 10baseT: WAGO-ETH-KIT

Specs for Ethernet:

  • Data Rate: 10 or 100 Mbits/sec

    WAGO-ETH2-KIT includes a 750-352 bus coupler and  supports 100 Mbits/sec (Preferred implementation - includes a built-in Ethernet switch, is faster & more cost effective)
    WAGO-ETH-KIT   includes a 750-342 bus coupler and supports 10 Mbits/sec
  • Physical Media: CAT-5 cable, RJ-45 connector
  • Isolation: Transformer
  • Max Distance Node to Node: 100M
  • Max I/O Modules per Node: 64


  • Transformer isolation for noise immunity
  • Low cost industry standard cabling
  • Long distance between nodes and long total network length
  • Optional industrial hubs and switches for various network topologies