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SMLC-SA Single Axis with Integrated Servo Drive


NOTE: This product is no longer available. Please contact us with questions.

The SMLC-SA combines ORMEC’s high-performance drive technology, ORMEC's powerful motion technology and outstanding PLC capabilities of the SMLC together with the IEC 61131-3 programming flexibility into a single, compact, cost-effective package.

Key Features

  • Motion Control and PLC Controls powerful enough to control your entire machine
  • IEC 61131-3 Programming environment using all five standard languages
  • Broad Power Range - 600 to 24,000 watts (30 horsepower)
  • Input voltage range - 115, 230 and 480 VAC
  • Application Specific Function Blocks reduce engineering time
  • Compact Flash - Removable program storage
  • High Performance - 32 bit microprocessor
  • Reliable, Robust - QNX real-time operating system
  • Built-in I/O - 27 digital and 4 analog, expandable to thousands
  • 2 Ethernet and 2 Serial ports included
  • UL/CE approvals
  • 14 Models available


Standard PLCopen® motion control function blocks reduce your software development costs and powerful ORMEC extensions make solving your toughest motion applications a snap. Application-specific function blocks such as Reciprocating Flying Shear, Rotary Knife and many others are available to provide solutions right out of the box.

The SMLC-SA uses the same development and commissioning tools as the SMLC product line. The CoDeSys Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and runtime engine are world class IEC 61131-3 tools used in hundreds of products worldwide. These are robust, full-featured tools with extensive diagnostic capabilities. The SMLC platform supports all five of the IEC 61131-3 program languages, including:

  • Relay Ladder Logic
  • Function Block Diagram
  • Structured Text
  • Instruction List
  • Sequential Function Chart

ServoWire Pro is an easy to use, integrated suite of configuration, diagnostic and maintenance utilities to assist in the commissioning of the drive. In addition to built-in I/O, there is a complete line of networked I/O expansion modules available based on Ethernet that can handle thousands of I/O points. HMI and factory networking support is provided via built-in Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP adapter as well as via the free OPC server.


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The following is a list of valid part numbers for SMLC-SAs

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