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MMI-320/640 HMI Family
ORMEC HMI 6 inch

NOTE: This product family is obsolete. Use the MMI-8000 family instead.

ORMEC’s MMI-320 and MMI-640 flat panel touchscreens provided  functionality for human-machine interface. MMI-320/640 units came in 6, 8 and 10 inch screen sizes (diagonal), with TFT color displays.

The MMI-320/640 touchscreens provided the operator an effective way to control machine operation. The operator is alerted to machine alarms and status conditions. Panels can be quickly selected to present different sets of machine functions typically found for setup, maintenance, changing product runs and fault conditions. Operator control functionality can be built into the MMI-320/640 representing a typical factory operator panel, without the bulky hardware, I/O modules and wiring.

Each panel can be designed and built using the 'drag and drop' graphical objects found in the EasyBuilder application development utility. EasyBuilder includes a library of standard shapes, as well as the ability to use bitmap images to create panel objects. For a machine upgrade, the 'look and feel' of an existing physical panel can be maintained to reduce operator retraining. After the design and installation of an MMI-320/640 is complete, its flexibility allows the designer to easily add and change control functions without having to physically add switches, legend plates, I/O modules and associated wiring.

MMI-320/640 touchscreens include built-in recipe management for easy storage and retrieval of machine setup parameters. This powerful capability in the HMI eliminates the need for developing recipe management in the machine control application program, saving software development time and simplifying the system design.

Each MMI-320/640 unit has the latest revision of the EasyBuilder development software and a development communications serial cable.


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