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H-Series Servo Motors

H-Series Servo Motors

ORMEC’s H-series AC brushless servo ­motors provide high torque-to-inertia ratios, excellent continuous torque and peak torque per­formance in a compact design. These industrial-quality servo motors incorporate high energy, rare earth, neodymium-iron-boron magnets and a highly efficient stator winding design which results in excellent power density.

Note: the HA, HB and HE series motors are obsolete and have been replaced by N-Series motors.

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Key Features

The H-series servo­ motors eliminate brush wear maintenance problems, and feature extremely durable construction, which includes heavy duty bearings. Rugged MS connectors provide reliable interconnections to both motor and optical encoder.

Motor/Drive Combinations

The performance of these servo motors is a direct function of the factory-matched servo motor/drive combination. ORMEC’s ServoWire® drives provide software controlled all-digital performance for consistent operation that totally eliminates analog potentiometer adjustments. High bandwidth operation and a quality high resolution encoder provide the response and accuracy for demanding applications. Peak torques, up to three times the rated torque, are available for a few seconds, allowing the motor/drive to handle high inertial loads and heavy duty cycle requirements. Each drive’s motor parameters are configured in software for high performance and RMS current limiting.

Absolute Encoder Option

Cost-effective absolute encoder support provides axis position over a range of 100,000 revolutions. In continuous uni-directional operation, the position count continually “wraps” through the full range while maintaining absolute position within the cycle. Position is maintained through power cycles by a lithium battery (optional) on the ServoWire digital drive and a supercapacitor in the servo motor.


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