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ServoMotor Documents
M-Series ServoMotor Datasheet.pdfDatasheet for M-Series servo motors
MA-Motor.dxfMA- Motor Drawing - DXF
MB-Motor.dxfMB- Motor Drawing - DXF
MC-Motor.dxfMC- Motor Drawing - DXF
MD-Motor.dxfMD- Motor Drawing - DXF
ME-Motor.dxfME- Motor Drawing - DXF
MF-Motor.dxfMF- Motor Drawing - DXF
MAC-M_SolidWorks.zipSolidWorks files for all MAC-M motors
MAC-M_Step.zipMAC-M Series motors STEP files
N-Series ServoMotor Datasheet.pdfDatasheet for N-Series servo motors
MAC-NA030_55B.dwgNA30, NA55 Motor Drawing - DWG
MAC-NA090_110_140B.dwgNA90, NA110, NA140 Motor Drawing - DWG
MAC-NB055_080_100B.dwgNB055, NB080, NB100B Motor Drawing - DWG
MAC-NB200_300_330_465B.dwgNB200, NB300, NB330, NB465 Motor Drawing - DWG
MAC-NB700B.dwgNB700 Motor Drawing - DWG
MAC-H_Solidworks.zipSolidWorks models for all MAC-H series motors
H-Series_datasheet.pdfDatasheet for H-Series servo motors
MAC-H_I_Step.zipAll MAC-H Motors (without brakes) STEP Model Files
MAC-H_IB_Step.zipAll MAC-H Motors (with brakes) STEP Model Files
DGL-050206[1].pdfDGL Series Linear Motor Datasheet
SGL-050206[1].pdfSGL Series Linear Motor Datasheet
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