Monday, February 18, 2019

IEC611-31-3 (PLCopen Certified)

Event date: 3/11/2019 8:30 AM - 3/13/2019 5:00 PM Export event

 This three day class is for control system designers and engineers that program in IEC 61131-3.  An overview of IEC 61131-3 will be presented which includes the advantages of this international accepted open standard. The CODESYS development environment and PLCopen Motion Control function blocks will be introduced. Students completing this course will be able to read and understand an IEC 61131-3 program and  know which language features are IEC compliant and which are vendor specific. ORMEC's ServoWire Pro configuration utility and standard program framework, which simplifies new application program development and organization, will be covered. A syllabus for the IEC 61131-3 Training course is available.

Author: Jim Stocker

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