FTP access to an SMLC

FTP access to an SMLC

Information on using FTP to transfer files between an SMLC and a networked computer.

If your external computer is an FTP Client, SMLC firmware version 2.4.0 or greater allows access the SMLC with any FTP client. This ftp user has read/write access to the folder /home/smlc/files. This is the only folder on the SMLC that this user has write access to. This folder is one level down from the SMLC application which is in /home/smlc. To access files in this directory with the function blocks in SysLibFile and OrmLibFile you must specify either the full path (/home/smlc/files/myfilename) or relative path (files/myfilename).

Use the following username and password to log in using an FTP client:

Username: smlcfile
Password: servowire
You can use a web browser to access the SMLC's FTP server by specifying ftp:://username:password@ipaddress. For example:

Note: This information is also presented in the SMLC Help system. Find it by typing FTP in the SMLC Help Index tab.

If your external computer is an FTP or TFTP Server, to enable your SMLC program to send or retrieve files to it using FTP or TFTP, use the LibraryManager to add the OrmLibFTP library to your project. For help on the SMLC FTP client, type OrmFTP or OrmTFTP in the SMLC Help Index tab.


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