Function Block to display SMLC information

Function Block to display SMLC information

Displaying information about the SMLC and the project it is running can aid in trouble-shooting.
This function block provides a way to extract information about an SMLC and the CoDeSys project it is running for display on an HMI. The information it can provide includes:

- CoDeSys Project name and the date of last change.
- CoDeSys Project Version
- CoDeSys Project Author
- SMLC Firmware Version
- SMLC en0: IP address
- SMLC en1: IP address

To use this function block:
1) Download the file and unzip it in a temporary folder.
2) Open the CoDeSys project in which you wish to use the GetSMLCInfo function block.
3) Click on the Project | Merge... menu item and navigate to where you saved
4) Select GetSMLCInfo (FB) and GET_UTC_OFFSET (FUN) as shown below then click OK.

5) GetSMLCInfo will show up as a user-defined function block in the Function Blocks folder in the POUs tab of the CoDeSys Object Organizer. It includes the source code so you can see how it works and modify it as you wish.
6) Depending on what libraries your project already uses, you may need to use the Library manager to add the OrmLibTime and SyLibProjectInfo libraries.

It is best to execute GetSMLCInfo as soon as possible when your program runs, probably in the Init step of your PLC_PRG's SFC.

Design your HMI screens so the screen that displays the information can be called up even if the program never makes it out of the Init step. The reason is that if your program doesn't make it out of the Init step, the unit's IP addresscan be determined so a can connection with CoDeSys can be made for trouble-shooting the problem.

The Project Version and Project Author information is set in CoDeSys using the Project | Project Info... menu item.


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