GEN3 End of Lifecycle Announcement

GEN3 End of Lifecycle Announcement

GEN3 (GENIII) End of Lifecycle AnnouncementThe ORMEC GEN3 Series of DSP-based, multi-axis Motion Controllers, introduced in 1990, is at the end of its lifecycle. This ‘work horse’ has been manufactured, repaired and supported for well over 20 years. Due to obsolescence and unavailability of components, there are only a few units left. Once they are gone the GEN3 will no longer be produced. GEN3 controllers will be in a ‘limited repair’ status.

A limited supply of complete GEN3 controllers and parts is available for purchase on a first come/first served basis. Please contact ORMEC sales at (585) 385-3520 or for pricing and availability.

“The GEN3 Controllers have provided our customers highly reliable motion control with a very low failure rate. There are many manufacturing facilities with original GEN3 hardware that still supports their production. The GEN3 has withstood the test of time. There are very few technology-based products from the 90s that have done that,” states Dennis Morrow, ORMEC VP of Marketing and Sales. These controllers were introduced in the same time frame as Windows 3.0 and Apple System 7.

The GEN3 model numbers affected are: GEN3-20 Series, GEN3-40 Series and GEN3-DSP boards.

There are two upgrade paths for the GEN3 controllers. The first is to the ORMEC Orion ServoWire Series controllers and associated drives and motors. This path is relatively easy as the software is portable from the GEN3 to the Orion. Second is SMLC Series controllers with associated drives and motors. This path requires software changes but the SMLC will have a longer life after the upgrade. For a complimentary site evaluation and upgrade recommendation, please contact ORMEC sales.


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