MotionSet version 1.0.5 available

MotionSet version 1.0.5 available

MotionSet v1.0.5 is released. MotionSet is the commissioning software for ORMEC XD Indexer Servo Drives and R-Series Servo Drives.

This version includes:

  • Support for H-Series Servo Motors
  • Automatic addition of custom motor to database
  • Enhanced functionality for large scope
  • Bug fixes

New features:

  • ORMEC H-Series motors added to the standard motor file. H-Series motors require DSP firmware v1.0.2.81 or later and FPGA revision 16 or later (see the Versions screen in MotionSet while connected to the drive)
  • If a project contains a custom motor that is not in the custom motor database the motor is automatically added to the databased
  • d-2713 - A Freeze checkbox is added to the large scope. When checked, the scope display will not update. This is useful in Continuous mode.
  • d-2711 - A Clear button is added to the large scope. When pressed, all traces are set to zero.

Defects addressed in this release:

  • d-2739 - If you open MotionSet or any subwindow (Scope, Exerciser) on a second monitor, the window is not visible when the 2nd monitor is not available.

To update existing software, use the 'Check for Updates' feature in the help menu. The software is available in the Support Library.


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