MotionSet version 1.1.1 available

MotionSet version 1.1.1 available

MotionSet v1.1.1 is released. MotionSet is the commissioning software for ORMEC XD Indexer Servo Drives and R-Series Servo Drives.

This version includes:

  • Support for setting the quadrature output on drives of hardware version 1.1.1 or later with the pacer option
  • Bug fixes

Defects addressed:

  • d-2779 - Don't allow drive input voltage of 0
  • d-2773 - MotionSet crashes if the KVP value in the .mset file is 0
  • d-2771 - If you open or upload a project with a negative gear ratio the numerator is zeroed.

To update existing software, use the 'Check for Updates' feature in the help menu. The software is available in the Support Library.

IMPORTANT: This feature requires DSP firmware v1.2.0 or later.


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