ORMEC has been awarded a subcontract for NASA’s Vehicle Stabilizer Test Fixture

July 31, 2015 – Rochester, New York, USA – ORMEC Systems Corp., a manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and components, has been awarded a new turn-key project to provide the electro-mechanical drive system for NASA’s Vehicle Stabilizer Test Fixture. The fixture is to be located at The Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.

The Vehicle Stabilizer Test Fixture is designed to simulate the forces that the Vehicle Stabilizing Mechanism would experience while holding a rocket at the launch-pad. NASA’s planned fullscale mock-up includes two individual towers. Tower 1, representing the launch tower, includes a fully functioning Vehicle Stabilizing Mechanism, while tower 2 will be the test fixture itself, representing a rocket at the launch-pad.

ORMEC’s Systems Engineers will be programming complex motion profiles simulating harmonic wind disturbances that rockets are subjected to while at the launch-pad. Simulating the forces exerted on the Vehicle Stabilizing Mechanisms caused by wind disturbances allows NASA Scientists and Engineers to safely and cost effectively plan and resolve possible concerns due to the environment, well in advance of the actual rocket reaching the launch-pad. NASA’s Space Launch System rocket for the planned Journey to Mars is one of the first to be tested.

The motion profiles will be executed on ORMEC’s ServoWire Motion & Logic Controller, (SMLC) interfacing via ServoWire® to ORMEC’s S2D-Series servo drives. Referencing a YZ cartesian plane, 6 servomotors will be used jointly in one path and 3 servomotors will be used jointly in the remaining path. The combined torque of the 9 servomotors will produce a force vector capable of exceeding 100,000 pounds.

A core competency of the ORMEC engineering and start up team is our proven ability to cost effectively implement turn-key motion control solutions with our motion control products. Utilizing Lean Manufacturing principles allows us to design & build in Rochester, while providing to our customers the most reliable, cost effective, state of the art hardware and software products in the motion control industry.” says President and CEO Dr. Edward Krasnicki.

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