Running MotionDesk under Windows 7

Running MotionDesk under Windows 7

ORMEC MotionDesk software can be run in 'XP Mode' under Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate editions.

Windows 7 has a new feature called XP Mode. XP Mode is a Windows VirtualPC instance with Windows XP Service Pack 3 already installed. Any application installed on this virtual machine can be accessed from the Windows 7 environment as if it was natively installed. When you click on the shortcut for an XP Mode application, it appears that the application is running on Windows 7 but, in fact, it is running in the virtual machine and being seamlessly presented in an application window under Windows 7. Anything that works on XP should work on this virtual machine. MotionDesk works in XP Mode.

For additional details, reference this technical brief.


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