XD-Indexer firmware AXE-UPG update

XD-Indexer firmware AXE-UPG update

XD-Indexer firmware AXE-UPG is available.
New features include:
  • Support for Yaskawa Sigma-I incremental encoders.
  • Support for Quadrature In / Quadrature Out option module.
  • Velocity Feed-Forward Filter.
  • Maximum Feedback Frequency.
  • LastMotion and SetLastMotion registers.

APX-UPG firmware contains DSP firmware and Communications firmware .

Defects addressed:

  • d-2780 - Setting the accel feed-forward gain (KAF) to a non-zero value would cause incorrect motion or a fault for geared motions.
  • d-2770 - The gear-in-motion type causes a 'C1' fault.

This update is available in the Support Library.


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